About Contact Lenses

2020 Vision OC Optometry: Diverse, Specialty Contact Lens Solutions for Your Individual Needs

Primarily, contact lenses perform the function of enhancing one’s eyesight and vision. With continuous advancement in the design and manufacturing processes of contact lenses, it has become extremely easy for individuals to wear them on their own. However, there are various types of diseases and conditions of the eye that can convert this simple procedure into a daunting one. This is because certain eye conditions result in the difficulty of properly wearing contact lenses or getting a good fit. Some of these conditions are quite common while others have a medical complication associated with them. These include:

  • Severe Dryness
  • Complications Post-Operative Recovery:
    • Corneal Transplant
    • LASIK
  • Corneal Irregularity
  • Eye Diseases:
    • Sjogren’s
    • Host
    • Steven-Johnson

This does not mean that any such complication or condition should be reason enough for people to believe that they cannot benefit from the use of contact lenses. Simply visit 2020 Vision OC Optometry for your eye examination, followed by our services of Specialty contact lens fitting.

2020 Vision OC Optometry uses advanced diagnostic and imaging procedures like Digital Slit Lamp Imaging, Corneal Topography, etc. to provide each patient with custom solutions and optimal quality contact lenses.