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2020 Vision OC Optometry: We Make It Possible for You to Say Bye to Spectacles

2020 Vision OC Optometry Laser Correction

The most common solution for individuals with weak eyesight is to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. But wouldn’t it be awesome if you could opt for a remarkable vision correction procedure and get rid of your contacts or spectacles?

Laser eye surgery

At 2020 Vision OC Optometry, we offer vision correction services which involve the effective surgical procedure called LASIK. We make sure that every patient is fully confident and comfortable with the idea of this surgery, our experts begin with a detailed, pre-operative analysis. This is followed by open communication between our doctors and patients so as to disclose all possible advantages, complications, available alternatives, recovery phase details, and so on.

Keep your worries aside about any ambiguity about how LASIK works, its efficacy for your case, or what you should expect after recovering from the surgery. With our close ties with some of the best surgeons, the 2020 Vision OC Optometry team will be by your side before and after your surgery with optimal eye care solutions available in our office.

2020 Vision OC Optometry Cataract Care

Mostly from the age of 55 years and above, a vast number of aging individuals experience obstructing vision caused by the formation of Cataract. Although not a necessary outcome for all adults, the probability for getting a Cataract is high among individuals with unhealthy habits, extensive sun exposure, etc.

In the initial phase of a Cataract, cloudy areas are developed in the lens of the eye. Since Cataracts are progressive in nature, they tend to grow in size. As a result, large Cataracts make it difficult to maintain good vision especially during night time.


2020 Vision OC Optometry is equipped with highly skilled and experienced doctors who specialize in initial examination and diagnosis of Cataracts. This is how we evaluate the need for Cataract surgery which is based on the procedure of replacing the lens. Similarly, 2020 Vision OC Optometry also provides effective and professional services of Surgical Co-Management to the region’s best surgeons. And not to forget our expertise in providing post-operative aid during the recovery period after Cataract surgeries. All in all, we have what it takes to assist you before, during, and after your Cataract surgery to ensure that you do not encounter any complications.