In order to improve vision for individuals with a myopic or shortsighted eye, 2020 Vision OC Optometry offers Orthokeratology. This is a non-operative vision correction procedure requiring the use of contact lenses.

The procedure is also referred to as Ortho-k and involves gas permeable contact lenses. Depending on the health of the eye, the duration to wear these lenses vary among patients. For instance, some individuals are advised to wear gas permeable only during the night.

How It Works
Wearing contact lenses overnight, for near-sighted eyes, helps in restoring or improving vision because the procedure can reshape the cornea. Basically, gas permeable lenses promote the flow of oxygen during the night. At the same time, they ensure adequate pressure on the epithelial cells to aid in cell growth. Subsequently, the cornea begins to regain its form that is necessary for vision correction and good vision.

Basic Tips
Being a non-surgical procedure with high rate of success, Orthokeratology is becoming widely popular among individuals of all ages. Along with the convenience of this pain-free process, Orthokeratology can be easily reversed as and when required. However, 2020 Vision OC Optometry greatly emphasizes on the following factors to provide every patient with an accurate and result-yielding Orthokeratology procedure:

  • High Quality & Reputable Brand of Contact Lenses
  • Thorough Research on Product History
  • Complete Education on the Procedure Details, Benefits, and Possible Complications

The expert Optometrists at 2020 Vision OC Optometry are just a call away to book you an appointment and provide you with a comprehensive Orthokeratology consultation.

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